Sacred Tree Wellness

What I Offer

Every individual has different needs and personal preferences for the ideal treatment. I am trained and experienced in a variety of modalities (see below) and believe the best results are achieved with a combination of techniques to support your unique health and wellness goals. 

This allows you to either book a specific treatment, or you can book a set length of time and we will create a custom treatment that works for you. Consultation is free and the time spent planning the treatment is not subtracted from the treatment time.

What is energy work?

Every living cell carries and emits electromagnetic energy - a frequency. And seeing as energy cannot be created or destroyed, it must be transformed or transferred in order to keep flowing. Energy is a vibration; when it stops and becomes stagnant in our bodies, or slows and becomes sluggish; disruption of body systems occurs, resulting in pain and/or disease. 

Working with your bodies energy pathways to clear blockages and balance the energy flow, the body can heal itself, the way it was meant to. For me, every treatment involves working with those subtle energies, no matter what techniques I am using.

Relaxation Massa​ge

 Gliding strokes and gentle stretching brings oxygen and nutrients to sore, tired muscles. Using a combination of techniques and pressures, it restores balance between body systems and re-enforces energy pathways.

Clinical Massage

Generally a more intense treatment (you still control the amount of pressure), I use deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy and facilitated stretching to ease tension, "untie the knots" and improve range of motion. 

Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations!  Building a human is hard work!  Relax in a nest of pill​ows on a table that lifts and bends to your ideal comfort.  Enjoy full body pampering or address specific areas of concern. 


Reflexology utilises a gentle finger pressure technique on feet, hands, or head to locate the energy blockages and to bring balance by stimulating or relaxing the corresponding organs and systems in the body. 

Conne​ct with Nature

These are no charge enhancements to your session. They are not meant to replace medical treatments or prescriptions, but rather to enhance the way your body responds while gently minimizing their side effects. Please ask about any that interest you. 

Hot or Cold Stones

Take a sensory journey with the addition of Basalt, white Marble or Jade  stones; heated or cooled to your preference. Cool stones reduce inflammation and leave you feeling refreshed and energized; warm stones relax muscle tissue and nerve endings and aid in the removal of toxins.  Used in contrast, alternating warm and cool, they become a powerhouse for stimulating lymphatic drainage and optimizing blood circulation.

There is no additional charge for this, however it must be discussed at the time of booking as it takes time to heat or cool the stones.`


Crystals are a specialized way to help influence and direct the flow of the electromagnetic energy that is both in us and all around us. The shape, colour and physical composition of each crystal determines its specific vibration. Placed on, or around the body, or used as a massage tool; they interact with our body's own frequencies to correct imbalances and restore a natural flow. 

There is no extra charge for this addition.


We all know the profound impact that smell has on our brains. We can immediately bring to mind the smell of the sea, a mountain meadow or a campfire. We understand the effect they have on our emotions as well.... the smell of bread baking in the oven stirs a completely different reaction than the smell of a fire in the kitchen; while the smell of the perfume of someone we miss is much more complicated than that.

The beauty of aromatherapy is that it is not just about smell. Essential oils are the life force, or "energy" of the plant. Because each plant has a unique eletromagnetic vibration as well. A carrier oil is designed to carry this energy into your muscle tissue and bloodstream. When essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil and massaged onto the body, it delivers this energy right to the source of the discomfort. The energy affects the cells themselves, in addition to the smell acting on your nervous system and emotional response system.

There is no additional charge for this, and a "sensitivity test" will be performed on a small area before topical use. 

Treatment Prices

60 Minutes


75 Minutes


90 Minutes